Flow Screen Component: Salesforce Files Preview

Hi! 🙋🏻‍♂️

This one’s gonna be short and simple one. 😉

The standard flow screen component, ‘Display Image’, only allows you to preview a Static resource image. But what if your file is stored as Content Document, eh? Quite a bummer.

But with the new FilePreview component, we can say bye bye to this issue.

And with this component, you can preview not just image files but all the files types that you can preview normally in Salesforce.

You can install the component from here.

Quick Demo

Hope you find this one useful! Catch you in the next one! ✌🏻
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19 thoughts on “Flow Screen Component: Salesforce Files Preview

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  2. Nice, but unfortunately this is not working with a login flow – it displays a small preview, but clicking on it does nothing (it is not opening a full preview overlay)…


    • Ahh… most likely because the file preview event is not firing on click which is expected.

      Workaround that I can think of is to create a lightning component that takes a URL of the image file, height and width and displays accordingly.


  3. Thanks for your reply!
    Actually, I already tried similar approach with LC and iframe (I’m not using image file, but public url of docx/pdf), however, it seems that login container is enforcing width of preview overlay making it really narrow. I can make it wider of course, by using some larger fixed width for iframe, but then it looks bad as login frame/container (flow screen) is not adapting to the width of iframe – it’s still narrow while preview file in iframe, although looking good, it is stretched over it.


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  5. This is awesome!
    I was wondering how I could make the preview 100% width instead of the small box it’s in. The use case is that a bookkeeper needs to reference information on a related file (checking invoice data against what user entered).


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