Winter ’21 Sneak Peak for Flows! #SafeHarbour

Let’s start this one by saying, “Winter is coming”!
This article is a teaser of what’s to come in the very near future for Flows.
You ready?

Starting with a couple of fancy ones first!

1. Autolayout in Flow Builder(Beta)

If you spent a lot of time making those flows connectors straight, you’re in for a treat. When you’ll hit the ‘New Flow’ button, you’ll be prompted to chose the between “Freeform”(the existing way) and “Autolayout”(the new one) layout options. You can also easily convert your existing flows to the new Autolayout.

2. Improved UI to display variable names with their data types, object and fields

I’ll let the image do the talking for this one.

3. Debug on Canvas(Beta)

I found this one quite fancy as well, but very useful. You will find this option only for Autolaunched flows when the Autolayout is turned OFF, sounds weird but it is what it is.
This option allows you to debug flows within the same window and also the debug mode allows you to show/hide governor limits debug info.

4. Trigger Flows on record deletion

This is my personal favourite this release, most awaited one for sure.
With this, you can fire your flows on ‘Before Delete’ event.

5. Control when you want to Run a Flow ” Every time” or “Only when meeting the conditions” on Record-Triggered Flows

Tbh, not quite pleased to see this one because it kinda defeats the purpose of one flow per event per object.

This is only available when for ‘A record is updated’ and ‘A record is created or updated’ events in record-triggered type flows.

6. Debug this flow as another user

This one is going to be super handy. When debugging your flows you will see a new option called “Debug this flow as another user”. By default it’s disabled, so you will need to enabled it from Setup -> Process Automation Settings.

7. Ability to filter the records with OR and custom logic while using DML/Query elements

Last but not the least on my list, this option will save the admins from creating all those unwanted formula fields which were only serving as a filter.

You will be able to find this on Get/Update/Delete Records elements and ob Object selection screen for record triggered flows.

8. Select the ‘Flow Runtime API Version’ for your flows

Post Winter ’21, we’ll be able to select the runtime API version for our flow version.

That’s all I could find so far around flows.

If you want to get your hands on these features, you’ll need to sign up for a pre-release org. Very excited for the release notes. From what I know, they are expected to be out on 24th August.

Hope you find this one exciting! Catch you in the next one! ✌
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