Salesforce Developers CodeLive: Dueling Integrations

I recently had the fortune of featuring and collaborating with one of the most amazing folks, Kevin Poorman on one of the most viewed Salesforce channel, Salesforce Developers, on YouTube. It was about trying to integrate Salesforce with Twilio API to send text messages using 2 different options; Apex and External Services, kinda like a … Continue reading Salesforce Developers CodeLive: Dueling Integrations


Generating Public URL for Salesforce Files

Hola! 😀 Have you come across a use case where you wanted to display/share some images(or other file types), stored as Salesforce Files, outside of Salesforce? Salesforce lets you handle this very effectively using the Content Delivery object; API Name: ContentDistribution. To expose a file publicly, you can simply create a record on ContentDistribution object … Continue reading Generating Public URL for Salesforce Files