Manage your Flows and their versions easily

Have you gone through the hassle of deleting flow versions one by one? Have you wished for an easy way to mass delete flow versions? Well, I certainly have been wishing for it since long.

With the growing usage of flow, one might run into such scenarios more often than ever. Well, good for us as I recently created a utility flow which can be used to manage flow versions very easily.

You can install this flow as unlocked package from this repo (make sure to read the post installation instructions).

The package contains a flow, called Flows Manager that allows you to select a flow and delete its versions. The flow uses an Apex action (part of the package) to delete the flow versions and the new native Datatable screen component to display the flow versions on the screen. You can embed this flow in a lightning app/home/record page or add it to utility bar, whatever suits you best.

Also, you can extend the flow to support selection of multiple flows and delete flow versions for all the selected flows.

NOTE: There exists something similar created by Eric Smith. It pretty much does the same thing but I find it’s installation instructions a bit long. So I created this utility flow which is relatively easier to set up.
UPDATE: Eric built a v2 version of his app with easier installation steps. Feel free to check it out. Eric’s app has a SUPER NICE UI and offers a little more flexibility than my utility.

Hope you find this one useful! Catch you in the next one! ✌
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7 thoughts on “Manage your Flows and their versions easily

      • Your solution is very clean and consise. Users will have to be careful however as you do allow them to delete active versions as well as allowing them to delete the only version of a flow.

        I didn’t check but do you handle Process Builders as well?


      • Users cannot delete active versions because the platform doesn’t allow it. They’ll have to deactivate the version first. If they try it, they will get an error.

        P.S. Yes, it also handles Process Builder as the underlying sObject is the same. 🙂


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