LWC SOQL Utility – One Apex class for all queries

When creating Lightning Web Components, how often have you had to create an Apex class just to do a simple query. Even for the simplest of queries, you’ve to create 2 Apex classes, one class that does the query and one additional test class. And often, you want to avoid this overhead for simpler use-cases.

Concept: Reusable Modules

The idea is very simple. We’re leveraging the concept of reusable modules in JavaScript and using it in LWC.

If you’re new to the LWC world, think of “reusable module” as helper/utility class in Apex.

How does it work?

I’ve created a (utility) Lightning Web Component that you can install as a package and use in your Lightning Web Components directly and query data using from database. You can check out the source code in this repo.

The repo also contains a README file that has the package link, “How to use” code snippets and some more details about the query behavior.


  • Running Queries with System Mode is a security concern so be careful with that.
  • Referencing fields in query strings would require adding the fields as references (as import statements) to the LWCs to maintain Metadata Integrity (i.e. deleting a field which is used only in LWC queries).
  • Also, make sure your code is handling SOQL injection.

Hope you find this one useful! Catch you in the next one! ✌️
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