Pass Security Review with Latest Apex Security Practices

In recent years, there have been significant developments in the implementation and enforcement of CRUD/FLS security measures in Apex. The illustration above showcases the progression of Apex Security Best Practices. It traces back to 2006 when Salesforce developers manually inspected objects for CRUD/FLS permission verification. In 2019, significant updates (WITH SECURITY_ENFORCED and Security.stripInaccessible()) were introduced … Continue reading Pass Security Review with Latest Apex Security Practices


Salesforce Developers CodeLive: Dueling Integrations

I recently had the fortune of featuring and collaborating with one of the most amazing folks, Kevin Poorman on one of the most viewed Salesforce channel, Salesforce Developers, on YouTube. It was about trying to integrate Salesforce with Twilio API to send text messages using 2 different options; Apex and External Services, kinda like a … Continue reading Salesforce Developers CodeLive: Dueling Integrations