Salesforce: Mass File Downloader

It often the case where you want to or asked to download single or multiple selected Salesforce Files. However, there is no solution available out of the box that lets you select and download multiple files.

So building on the idea shared by fellow friend, M Hamza in his post, I built a web component that allows you to select and download files from a table.

The component can be embedded onto home page to download multiple files(as a zip). This component is a very basic version which can be extended based on the business use case at hand.

The component will be available as a part of an unmanaged package.

In addition to the component, I’ve also packaged a flow action that can be used in screen flow to download multiple files at once.
The flow action accepts a list of Content Document IDs as input.

You can pair this component with other screen components and the components available on to create seamless experience for your end users and customers.

You can find the source code and link to the managed package here:

Hope you find this one useful! I’ll catch you in the next one. ✌
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